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What would you desire?

Let's start with a question, one I always ask our partners is 'What do they D E S I R E from their event?

Why start here? Well I can't think of a more important place to start than the end. Ok that's a statement that needs unpacking and hopefully I can walk you through it. Understanding from the outset what you want to achieve from your event, will set the tone for its delivery, the elements involved and who, how, where and when it takes place.

Start with your why, your vision and we'll know where we're heading together and can both be committed and focus on achieving it.

As an event manager I don't want to plan the event I want, I want to plan the event you desire and fulfil that for you. Here are a few key elements of how we help our partners achieve the event they D.E.S.I.R.E......

Decision - make the decision to run an event and know why and what you want from it. Evolve - let the ideas and shape of the event progress Share - keep sharing your desire, remember why you are holding the event. Share with your guests, your team, colleagues, all the stakeholders. Make them a part of your desire and help them to feel this Innovate - let's get creative, make your event stand out, embrace innovation that fits in well to your theme and adds value to all involved Remember - see your custom event come to life, one that creates a memorable and rewarding experience for all involved Enjoy - with the right event manager you will be free to enjoy your event and not worry about all the elements. You'll be confident and trust in them, knowing that you are both working towards the same goal and see that original desire for your event be realised. An event has to start somewhere and as an experienced event manager I will work with you to create the map for your journey but first we need to know where you want to finish and that is simply the DESIRE for your event Get in contact and let's create your bespoke event Mobile: 07957 548619 for the event you desire.

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