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Sometimes you learn the hard way!

What an absolute disaster! I cannot get over this film, which was recommended to me by a friend.

As an event manager, I spent much of it watching through my fingers in sheer horror and disbelief.

Seen “FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened” on Netflix yet?

It was unbelievable how blasé the organisers were, great that they hired an event management company..but you hire the company as they are experts in their field, so listen to them!

I’m all for positive thinking and finding solutions to problems, but sometimes you have to be ‘in touch with reality’ and look at solutions that; although perhaps disappointing, are actually in the best interest for all. As an experienced event manager, this was a masterclass in what not to do, perhaps it should be shown within the curriculum for event students. They would learn a whole lot from this. Have a plan, go for the big ideas, but be sure to have some back up plans, a contingency strategy. Yes the show must go on but it can’t if you don’t have a plan B, or C etc.

The moral to the story hire an event manager to help you, but please listen to them. Avoid the costly mistakes, the disappointed attendees, the damaged reputation. At Bespoke Client Events we understand what and who is needed to make your event work, what other suppliers need to be involved. We will also manage all these suppliers for you, taking the work and worry away from you. Now that flights are back on to the Caribbean, perhaps I might go and visit some islands and plan a festival..anyone else fancy it?

Now where’s my number for Kendall Jenner?

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