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No one can deny that the #events and #hospitality industry has been seriously challenged over the past 18 months. To witness the struggles, closures and stressful demands that the industry experienced is heartbreaking. The landscape has changed dramatically, that cannot be denied. Businesses have disappeared, venues have struggled to keep their 'heads above water', many people have lost their jobs and income.

As we begin to emerge from the lowest of times, we see the revival begin. Venues begin to open fully and welcome back guests, #meetings and events. However there are some that continue to struggle, as we hear of recruitment issues as well as continued uncertainly and health concerns when attending in person events. These concerns seem to be increasing as we head towards another winter - will Christmas parties etc return in the same way?

I believe the answer is yes but of course some may look different. With the options of in person, online or hybrid events opening up a greater flexibility for those thinking about holding an event. What would this mean to already struggling venues?

Now I'm not saying we should all rush out to in person events, if there are concerns around safety then these need to be recognised and addressed and all necessary guideance adopted, so we feel comfortable.

One of my reasons for launching an event management company, during a national pandemic, was the fact as an event professional, I wanted to ensure I was in a position to help drive business back to venues in my local area. I'm not saying I could ' change the world, but knew that I would look to promote, support and endorse events across #Gloucestershire. My mission remains to encourage businesses both in Gloucesershire and across the UK (if not further) are using and visiting our fantastic venues, suppliers and products. I wanted to ensure that I am showcasing Gloucestershire at its best.

My focus is also on the #SMEbusinesses across Gloucestershire, which for whatever reason may struggle with event organisation, be it through lack of in house event staff or simply not enough time or funds. Bespoke Client Events will support these buisnesses as a #onestopshop for all their #eventmanagement needs. Be that for e.g. a private dinining event, team building to larger meetings and conferences. Through our experience and contacts, we set out to bring affordable event management support to businesses, without cutting corners or compromising on quality.

Bespoke Client Events want to be part of your financial recovery as we emerge from a turbulent 18months. Through your partnership with us, we look to re/connect you to your clients, generate business and build lasting relationships.

Bespoke Client Events are committed to producing high quality events, that help you as a business :-

- host successful events that enable you to spend time with your guests and develop long term business relationships

- see ROI from your event

- enable you to focus on your business activity as we focus on creating your bespoke event

Rome wasn't built in a day and we are by no means the big players in event management corporations. We are a local business, passionate about the local area and keen to be a part of and support the recovery of businesses around us. Our passion is events, we know events and we want to help you host beneficial events for you, your business and your guests.

In time as we grow as a business, we will look to recruit locally to join us and collaborate to provide training opportunties for local talent.

For more information about our services please contact Sian on

We are always keen to partner with local venues and suppliers please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss opportunities.

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