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D is for Difference

Dementia awareness what on earth does that have to do with an events business? Well let me explain it’s time we all talked more about Dementia and dispel the myths.

I have a voice, a platform and want to use it in anyway I can. Bringing value is not always about money.

For the past few years, in my career Dementia awareness and education is an area I’ve become more and more passionate about. Helping to remove stigmas, signpost people to support and help in particular the hospitality industry become more aware and accessible to people living with dementia and their carers.

People living with dementia often feel isolated and unable to access venues in their community as there is more judgement about their condition and limited understanding. The more we educate and talk about Dementia, we‘ll understand how we can help people access facilities, feel more confident to visit venues and events, as well as feel more understood.

Bespoke Client Events are passionate about raising dementia awareness with our partners and working with them to become more dementia friendly venues.

For any venue we work with we will encourage them to offer Dementia awareness sessions for their staff, helping them to become more familiar and confident in supporting their visitors who may have dementia, adapting their venues to be more dementia friendly and being an advocate in their community for dementia. We are able to deliver these free awareness sessions or signpost to organisations who can. Not only this, venues who participate will also be able become more empathetic to staff who are either carers or perhaps living with dementia themselves.

There is a wider picture than just holding events, the focus on Diversity and Inclusion for all is a recognised priority across society. Improving for example the signposting in a venue not only helps people with Dementia but many other individuals e.g. those with learning difficulties. There is great, vast and positive impact to becoming involved.

There are of course many causes that need more support and focus driven activity by the business community. I am excited about championing dementia awareness and using my voice and platform to do so.

If you want to learn more about dementia please visit the Alzheimer’s Society -

If you are a venue and key to become involved please contact me

Thanks so much #wecanallmakeadifference #dementiaawareness #letstalkdementia #corpoatesocialresponsibility

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